About The Divas

Hillary is responsible for amassing this tide of estrogen brainiac, and she’s pretty proud of it.  She’s a writer trying to hawk her first book through the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.  Terms like ‘basset wrangler’, ‘gamer’, and ‘generalist geek’ may be applicable when describing her.  She likes long walks on the beaches (of hell), and romantic, candlelit dinners (of human flesh).


falconesse is a writer, a bookseller, a gamer and a geek. As a child, she was terrified of E.T. and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” (hey, the Vincent Price rap is creepy, okay?), but glommed onto Stephen King novels before she was out of elementary school. To no one’s surprise, her first job was in a bookstore, and even though she’s in publishing now, she still gets paid to talk about books all day. She loves a good apocalypse, has a soft spot for Stargate, and has a bigger girl-crush on Starbuck than Caulle does.


Anna is a bookseller and aspiring domestic goddess living in the bowels of a Texas swamp. One of her fondest childhood memories was reading The Hobbit out loud with her dad, alternating who read which pages. Such inherited geekdom is, of course, not easily shaken. Today she can generally be found gaming, knitting, cooking, writing, gardening, sewing, reading, fixing her house or playing Feather-Stick with a cat.


Caulle is an aggressive gamer (keyword here being aggressive).  Gaming is such a huge part of her life that she even makes video games for a living and is currently employed by ArenaNet working on the upcoming title, Guild Wars 2.  And when she’s not gaming at her day job, she’s probably gaming at home.  Occasionally she veers into other realms such as kung fu cinema, or painting minis, or berating her guild, or quoting The Simpsons out of context.  But  that pretty much sums up Caulle.  Or as they say in latin, a Dorkus Malorkus.


Bika suffers from a terminal case of Nerd, but in spite of her tribulations retains a glow of rage, the beauty of a thousand goslings in a blender, and a haunting grace rivalling that of most infants learning to walk. Her first poem, written for a third-grade assignment, was not sucky and therefore probably plagiarized, but to be nice we allow her to cling to the possibility that she was a writer long before her brain left the larval stage at the age of *coughcoughtwenty-sevencough*.  She owns a pet husband and a pet child, and even feeds them once in a while when she is not busy writing, doodling, roleplaying, raiding, or bullshitting with one of the four million people that she knows from the internets.


haemonic (the ‘h’ is silent.  Small!  I mean small!) is happily married and adequately employed.  She’s been physically attached to computers since she started playing pirated games on the Commodore 64 at age too-early-to-remember.  Only now, after decades of froofing about in theatre and music, is she coming back to her true roots and learning how computers work.  It was easier than trying to figure out how people work.


Claire began her career as a geek at age eight, when she begged her mother to buy her an X-Men comic book in the grocery store.  At one time she owned every comic from the Age of Apocalypse series, as well as a large quantity of first edition Magic: The Gathering cards.  She has worked in comic book stores as well as the video game industry, where she never got tired of the question “Do you actually play video games/read comics?”.  In her spare time she writes roleplay, plays games on her PC and PS3, and wears a Boba Fett hoodie obsessively.


Lore is a magical fairy princess who lives in the mystical realm of Seattle, which I’ve heard is stuck somewhere between FUCKALL and AWESOMELAND.  She’s a doodler, and not in the poop-smithing sort of way.  She does some funktastic drawings and is the proud owner of a real, honest to goodness art degee.  She likes WoW, her gerbil (no not in the Richard Gere way you pre-vert) and Plants versus Zombies.  She may at one point have owned a Twilight bag which she claims was a freebie and suck it if you don’t like it.


Jinxifer (“Jinx” for short) is a travel writer and cartoonist currently based in Terminus. When not writing or drawing about Terminus or the world at large, she can usually be found flinging herself into various adventures of dubious provenance, lest she become afflicted by “boredom” (which she’s never experienced but has heard is “Terrible. Just terrible”).


Tami is a mild-mannered web programmer by day. By night, she transforms into … boringly enough, an equally mild-mannered writer, geek, and gamer. She’s aspiring to become a fantasy novelist and maintains an interactive steampunk webserial in the meantime. To keep herself sane, she draws ridiculous things like a platypus wearing a tie, an octopus cheating at poker, and pink rabbits in various stages of mischief.


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