Memories of Mom

7 May

Family is what it is.

Every kid is screwed up by their parents, sure … but I’d wager most people remember SOMETHING about the person they called “Mom” that they hold close to their heart.

Some precious memory of how their mom did just the right thing at the right time. Something that parent probably doesn’t even remember doing, or seemed like a small thing to them at the time.

For me, that thing was math problems at the bowling alley.

I don’t even remember how old I was. I don’t remember if the math problems were multiplication, addition, or subtraction. I don’t remember anyone else at the bowling alley.

I DO remember my mom taking the time to write down PAGES of hand-written math problems for me to solve while she bowled with her friends.

I remember waiting for her to finish writing down the problems while sitting in that stool while my unlaced, sneakered feet dangled what seemed like MILES from the linoleum. She’d slide over that lined yellow pad of paper and the never-quite-sharp-enough pencil and the game would begin. Could I answer all the problems before she finished her next game? It was a race, and I think we both enjoyed it. I wouldn’t get another sheet of problems until she finished whatever game she was on, but I had to correctly answer each problem in order to move on.

Maybe math problem races don’t seem like all that exciting of a memory, but it always makes me smile. She didn’t have to take the time to write down all those problems. She’d probably rather have given me a handful of quarters and told me to go play an arcade game so she could spend that time with her friends. She’d probably rather a lot of things … but she took the time to do that small thing for me, and I’ll never forget it.

I think maybe I’ll write that down inside the card I send her this year for Mother’s Day (It’s SUNDAY, guys. Don’t forget!)

What’s your best Mom memory?


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