Fantasy Garden

3 May

A Pair o’ Ducks

I love gardens.

I live in an apartment.

These two things are sadly at odds with one another. My attempts at container gardening have failed miserably, partially because I live in a climate where “perennial container garden” is a laughable concept.

So, I don’t have a garden. I have a few hardy annuals, but nothing akin to the vegetable-and-native-plant festival that I dream of owning.

I also kind of have a black thumb. I’m getting better, but even I know my festival is more likely to be a couple years of nightmares and tears before it even resembles my dream.

Fantasy Garden

Just because I can’t have a garden NOW doesn’t mean I can’t start planning my future garden, though.

Every time I fall in love with a new vegetable, I make room for it in my head.

Tomatoes and onions abound. I have an entire bed of nothing but onions in my fantasy garden. Great big purple onions, bursting with flavor and waiting to be braided into ropes hanging from my theoretical root cellar. Garlic, too, though it’s grown sporadically through the garden to ward off pests.

Sweet corn and carrots and potatoes. Rows and rows of it, because I can never get enough.

Red peppers and a few green peppers, to be sure. A few banana peppers for Mr. Moore, but not a single yellow pepper in the bunch. We don’t get along.

Butternut and acorn squashes, but not very many. Those, the cucumbers, and the zucchini are going to be fiercely reined in because they always produce about four times more produce than the gardener expects.

Oh, and the trees! Sugar maples for my own syrup. Honeycrisp apples and Pink Lady apples. Oranges and limes if I can swing it – I add lime juice and zest to anything that’ll take it.

Coriander and enough basil to choke a moose. I want to grow the basil near the tomatoes, so when I walk between them on a hot summer day their combined scent is almost dizzyingly delicious. Rosemary, even if I never do get to like cooking with it, just so I can run my hands along its stalks and pull some of its soapy scent onto my fingers.

Raspberries and blackberries too, let us not forget! I have so many fond memories of carrying an empty butter tub and filling it with raspberries warm from the sun and so plump and juicy that less than half of them made it into the bucket because the rest were in my belly.

Giant sunflowers for the birds, their smiling faces turned up at the sky and their platter-like heads bursting with seed.

A single rosebush, white or yellow and left to grow simply so that I smell the near-fruity fragrance of its buds every day. Violets and lavender.

A bank of bee-balm, swaying gently in the wind and looking like uprooted sea anemones, tended by striped bees rather than clownfish.

My garden changes every year, adding a new vegetable or flower or moving things around. I smile at my pot of moss rose and my single rosemary shrub. While watering, I whisper to them stories about the garden I wish I could give them.

YOUR Garden

What’s in your fantasy garden? (or your real life garden, as the case may be)

Do you look for vegetables or fruit? Flowers for beauty or scent or to feed the bugs and frogs and birds of your region? Do you dislike the idea of a garden altogether and wish instead for a lush yard of healthy green grass.


6 Responses to “Fantasy Garden”

  1. Bika May 4, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    *Raises black thumb in solidarity*

    I started a very modest garden venture this year, with sunflowers, jalapenos, morning glories and a few herbs, since it’s been at least a year since I killed an african violet. (I must be ready now, right?)

    It would be nice to grow more vegetables and whatnot, but I just suck at it. Tell you what though, you can come over to my house and plant stuff in the yard any time you want. Open invitation! X)

    (PS. Countless violets and a dozen pansies died to bring you this message.)

    • Tami May 4, 2011 at 8:36 am #

      African violets are picky buggers – I don’t trust ’em.

      *raises a bucket of sheep poo and a shovel* Can I come over this weekend? The soil’s finally warm enough to plant some really great peppers, I think. 😀

      • Bika May 4, 2011 at 8:57 am #

        It’s been warm for months here! But you’re welcome to come plant peppers anytime. I’ll even make you some tea and cupcakes (leave the sheep poo outside plz).

        I cannot wait to make my own pepper jelly. Om nom nom.

  2. Fallah May 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    I have a green thumb but I live in a Mediterranean climate where the summer temps hit 100F and there is no rain. And my yard does not have adequate irrigation. So my two attempts at a lush veggie garden have met with utter failure. Next year the plan is raised bed with drip-lines.

    My dream produce garden: lots of hot peppers for my husband the chili-head. Sweet corn by the bushel. Raspberries. Nectarines. Pears. Seedless tangerines. Garlic and lots of red onions. Parsley and cilantro and a little basil. Watermelons and cantaloupes.

    For flowers: Jasmine, either hedge or creeping type. Lilacs. Hibiscus. Azalea. Bougainvillea. Roses, especially coral and yellow ones. Columbines. Sweet peas. Gardenias.

    I need to revisit this post next winter when it is time to get started and I’m feeling lazy!

    • Tami May 4, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

      I’m from Texas – I feel your pain on the heat and rain! I was shocked when I moved to Wisconsin and found gardens in EVERY YARD.

      Mmm, seedless tangerines and nectarines. Your garden sounds fantastic!

      I love that so many of your flowers are fragrance flowers! Something about the warm summer evening air, heavy with sweet aroma *deep sigh* Sounds wonderful!


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