Credit Card Diaries

18 Apr

I haven’t been able to keep a journal for a stretch longer than three months since I graduated from college. I don’t know if it’s laziness or the fact that the structure of my day changed or simply the increased speed at which life is moving–with fewer interesting days–as I grow older, but my best attempt at journaling since I lost my Open Diary to their deletion policy and let my LiveJournal grow stale is the first three months of 2005, wherein I did a haiku-a-day in a pocket planner until I let it lapse in April.

One thing I found that was nice about those haiku was that I didn’t need a long, detailed description of a day to remember it pretty well. Seventeen syllables, and I could remember morning mist and visits with my brother just from those little cues. I tried it again on Twitter to absolutely zero success–the effort of actually dragging myself to a website I wouldn’t normally visit was just TOO MUCH WORK.

Enter my annual credit card summary.

I just got it a few days ago. It’s a handy little perk of having a Citibank card (yes, boo, hiss, evil bank takes money from the feds but they’re a huge chunk of my credit rating and damn if I don’t love their web services): downloadable in PDF format, it lists every single thing I charged in the past year, organized by category and then by date. Given the fact that if I can put it on my credit card, I will, most of my life’s purchases are on there*. This means that, in addition to making me go “okay, we need to eat out less in February this year than we did last year,” it’s also a pretty handy way of tracking what I did on any given day. And like my haiku, they can prompt glittering, clear memories of what was going on.

For instance?

5/23/10 – 7-ELEVEN – CHICAGO: $1.97

May twenty-third was a blisteringly hot, blindingly sunny Sunday on which my husband and I started out roaming the flea market while I waited for a phone call. My fantastically cheap cell phone did me the courtesy of actually ringing when falconesse called to let me know that the crepe place could not handle us all, so we–we being the celebrants who had been in town for officergleason‘s wedding and were kind enough to include me on a few festivities–were just going to hang around the condo for a while before there were planes to catch, coasts to escape back to.

I’ve always hated driving in the city, so it was a fortunate thing that Chris was driving. It also meant I could focus on seeking out a parking spot; we couldn’t park closer than two blocks from the condo as the sidewalk was under heavy construction that languished also in the area that would be for parking, had I any luck in all the world. Instead it was a brisk walk over both absence of sidewalk and freshly set new concrete that merrily reflected ALL OF THE SUN’S LIGHT back up at us so there was absolutely no where to look to escape it.

In contrast to the outdoors, the condo was nigh frigid, and also much more conducive to actual discussions than the long table at the tapas restaurant the previous week had been. And so, discussions were had. We set plans for raiding in Cataclysm, envisioned communal living at a future meetup in the summer, reviewed the in-jokes for the week, and most importantly caught up on all the gossip there was to be had. Hillary may be the single best talker I know, and I adore her for it.

We left practically at the daylight’s apex, and the car’s air conditioning was not yet making much headway when Chris and I stopped a couple miles down the road for a refreshing beverage. I do not remember precisely what flavor the Slurpee was–I think it involved mango–but I do remember it was delicious and cold.

Also, I am pretty sure I still owe someone money for crepes.

*I like to note as far as credit usage that I treat my credit card as though it was a debit: if I can’t pay it off at the end of the month, I don’t buy it.


2 Responses to “Credit Card Diaries”

  1. Hillary April 19, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    By best talker I think she means I don’t actually ever stop. Not even to take breath.

    • haemonic April 19, 2011 at 7:51 pm #

      This is pretty much accurate.

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