Rift Warfronts 101: The Black Garden

24 Mar

The Black Garden is a simple and fast-paced warfront! Each team starts out on opposite sides of the map, and in the center of the warfront map stands an ancient artifact called The Fang. Picking up the Fang will award points to your team on an amount of time carried basis, and the first team to 500 points wins. Here’s how to win it.

When the gates open, both teams will rush the center, waiting for the Fang to become active. If you’re a healer or ranged class, there are some large spikes around the Fang spawn point that can be used for line of sight, allowing you to still heal or DPS while staying out of los for much of the opposite team.

Picking up the Fang has a cast time. This means if you see a member of the opposite team that’s managed to get to the artifact, knocking them back or damaging them will interrupt picking up the Fang. People carrying the Fang are both targetable below the Warfront stats, and have a large purple shaft of light going up towards the sky from them. Standing towards the center of the map will award more points per tick, while the further away you are the less points your team will earn per tick.

There’s only one slight problem; the longer you carry the Fang, the more it hurts! In the beginning it deals small incremental damage, increasing over time until it kills you. If you’re a healer, ALWAYS heal the Fang carrier first.

While it seems like a better idea to stand in the center of the map, the best strategy is to stand behind the trees closest to your graveyard. This gives you a few advantages:
1) Players on your team that are killed will resurrect closer to the Fang carrier
2) Players on the opposite team have farther to run to get to the Fang carrier
3) It provides line of sight for both the Fang carrier and their healers

Don’t abandon your Fang carrier! They can easily be ganked by a member of the opposite team, and they will die eventually from carrying the Fang and someone has to be there to pick it up again. If no one manages to pick up the Fang within a small time frame, it respawns in the center. If the Fang is dropped and it’s taking a long time for anyone to pick it up, pre-emptively book it to the center of the map. You can ninja the Fang this way!

Don’t let them Guardians get you down – they may be pretty lookin’ and all, but just remember, they weren’t resurrected BY SCIENCE.


2 Responses to “Rift Warfronts 101: The Black Garden”

  1. Bika March 24, 2011 at 10:45 pm #

    I need to grab a bard friend and try this one again.

  2. Caulle March 25, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    FOR SCIENCE!!!!!!

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