12 Mar

Bika and I have had a lot of fun RPing as Defiant in Rift, and we wrote this together. Enjoy!

Fenn the rogue poked the Resurrection Forge Technician on the shoulder. “Um…excuse me?”

The Technician turned around from his work on the machinery and eyed the rogue up and down. He blinked rapidly. “Why are you still standing here, Ascended? You were resurrected nearly five minutes ago.”

Fenn scratched his closely shaved head. “Well I’m just not sure exactly uh…what happened. I mean, I don’t really remember looking like this.”

“Ascended, you are to step outside and report for duty.”

The rogue jutted out his lower lip and wrinkled his forehead. “I…where am I, anyways?”

There was a soft tug at his sleeve that he didn’t quite notice at first in his advanced state of confusion, then another. Fenn turned and saw… no one.

“Er… excuse me?” Following the sound of that soft and anxious voice, Fenn looked down and to the right. A tiny dark Eth woman half-hidden in the deep shadows of the factory looked up at him with wide eyes. “If you would, sir, I’m kind of scared of what might be out there and I guess what I’m saying is can I go with you please?”

Fenn blushed. “Hi. I’m um, not really sure what’s going on at all, actually.”

“It’s Regulos.” She looked terrified but determined as she grabbed more of his sleeve and began to pull him toward the stairs. “He’s back. Come on, I need you. I’m not brave enough to do this alone but I’m also not about to waste a second chance.”

“W-where are we going?” Fenn dragged behind her, and his heels skid on the floor.

“To save the world,” she said, and led him out into the light of the dying sun.


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