I will survive

27 Jan

I love my hunter. Every expansion I get excited to tame new pets, and obsessively browse Petopia looking for awesome models and abilities. When I level, I tend to stick with Cuddles the devilsaur; she holds a special place in my heart. What can I say? The stomping and roaring won me over. In Burning Crusade I played as Beast Mastery, and when Wrath rolled around I read people were doing cool things with Survival. I gave it a try, and I loved that too! Explosive shot goes BOOM!

I like making lots of DPS, and maybe you do too. Let’s talk about how to Survive! First, movie time:

Pick a spec. Most everything in the Survival tree is great; the only things you won’t really need are Counterattack and Mirrored Blades.

Survival hunters use a priority based system for their shots. On a boss this will look like:
1. Serpent Sting
2. Black Arrow
3. Explosive Shot
4. Cobra Shot

I like to start off a boss fight by putting up Serpent Sting and Black Arrow, and the rest is just a juggling game between Explosive Shot, reapplying Black Arrow, and using Cobra Shot to regain focus. Don’t worry about the number of Cobra Shots in between your other shots, it’s variable. Just try to time it the best you can.
Next up is Lock and Load. Lock and Load and TNT in your talent tree do something downright awesome. TNT gives your Black Arrow (or Explosive Trap) a chance to proc Lock and Load. When that happens, you can fire three explosive shots in a row! Explosive Shot is our highest dps ability as Survival, so you don’t want to ignore it. Fire off your three explosive shots, letting each one go through its ticks before you cast the next, and you’ll be golden.

So let’s say it’s not a boss fight. Your tank is pulling a huge trash pack before the last boss in Stonecore, and you are bemoaning the fact that Hunters lost Volley. Never fear, because you are Survival!
Trap Launcher is your friend. Unfortunately it’s wonky with macros right now, so I’d advise keybinding it along with explosive trap. When that trash pack comes up, hit trap launcher then explosive trap, and drop it at your tank’s feet. Multi-shot the mobs. Survival has a talent called Serpent Spread; this applies 9 seconds worth of Serpent Sting to every target hit by multi-shot. It is radtastic. I can usually get two multi-shots off before I either 1) need to cobra shot to get focus back or 2) Lock and Load procs off of explosive trap. Explosive Trap, Multi-Shot, rinse and repeat, and watch that bar go up on your damage meter!

Maybe it’s not a huge trash pack, and you need to kill an X and a Skull. Explosive Trap and Black Arrow share a cooldown, so which one do you use? If there’s only one mob and it’ll be alive for awhile, always use Black Arrow. If there’s more than one mob, use Explosive Trap. Pretty simple.

Things change a bit when you get to Kill Shot range. I’d suggest glyphing for Kill Shot; it lets you fire two in a row as long as the boss remains alive. Your priority will look something like this:

1. Kill Shot
2. Explosive Shot
3. Black Arrow
4. Cobra Shot

Black Arrow isn’t terribly important once the boss is below 20% health. If you’re running low on focus, you can replace it with Arcane Shot.

Now go out and shoot some things, and say Hi to Cuddles if you see me hanging around Orgrimmar. She likes baked goods.


4 Responses to “I will survive”

  1. Anna January 27, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    I know it will be difficult for us to truly meet in game, being that I am team Blue and you are team Red…

    … but I really think Cuddles the Devilsaur and Pebbles the Devilsaur should pose for a screenshot together. >:D

  2. Claire January 27, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    We need to arrange this, obviously. You should ping me on gtalk or twitter or something!

  3. Sarai January 28, 2011 at 5:28 pm #

    My troll could bring his Mageddon by too. >.>

    Just sayin’.


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