29 Dec

On December 6th, Andrew, Shelley and I went in for our So, You Want To Have A Baby And Were Supposed To Do So A Week Ago visit.  Everything checked out wonderfully, and we even got a sonogram taken.

meant to post this the day of, but I managed to come home, take a nap, and wake up in some crazy pain.  “Oh,” thought I, “I must be having cramps.  The doctor’s visit totally was supposed to make me crampy, so.”  And back to sleep I went, only to be woken up seven minutes later with the same pain.  The third time it dawned on me that oh, this debilitating regular pain might just be labor!

Oh yeah, it was totally labor.

Check that out. That is a BABY.

Westley Charles Balch was born December 7th, 2010, 3:34 pm after twenty-four hours of labor.  He weighed — well here, you can see from the whiteboard from the hospital room:

Our nurses and hospital were amazing.

His birth happened to fall on the day that our company released our big project, and so we have dubbed the seventh BABYCLYSM. I’ll write about labor later, because it definitely warrants its own post in which I can sufficiently expound on the concept that PAIN HURTS A LOT and then it stops and everything is awesome.

For now, life is completely changed around this tiny person’s existence, and it’s really not that bad in the least.  That is helped by the fact that family are all eager to tank him for us so we can sleep/get out of the house/retain sanity. Our doula also wrote up a birth story that’s about the geekiest thing ever, and I love it.  It, too, will be getting a post.

In the meantime merry Christmas, world.  Have a brand new human being.


One Response to “BABYCLYSM”

  1. Bika December 29, 2010 at 2:01 am #

    Grats Jeni! He’s a cute little gut-goblin 🙂

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